Weight Loss Body Wraps – How These Help Shed Excess Weight From Your Body?

183515954These days, many men and women are going for weight loss body wraps in order to shed excess pounds. However, a lot of people are still skeptical about this type of weight reduction and wonder whether it works at all. These types of wraps offer easy results when it comes to reducing excess body fat, and without the stress and strain associated with other weight-loss methods such as exercises or dieting. There are even various versions that cost cheaper and can be used at home. Read on and know what body wraps are and how do they help you to burn the fat deposits in your body.

What are Body Wraps?

In simple terms, this is a special process in which 100% natural herbal creams are applied onto the body and cloth wraps are wound all around the body. This helps the creams to seep into the skin and get rid of fats from targeted spots. Once the cloth is wrapped in position, it has to be worn for a specific period of time which can be generally around an hour.

These kinds of wraps have been used for long in history. In ancient Greece, these were used for healing the body. These were also quite popular just some decades back, the only notable difference being the fact that these mostly focused on making the body lose the weight of water. The effects were notable at first. But the effects went away as soon as the wearer drank water.

These days, body wraps are created with a rich blend of natural herbs which can allow healing of the skin and the body, this helping you to shed weight in an easier and more effective manner. This is more than simply losing the weight of water, as the process eliminates all toxins accumulated within the system and makes the body slimmer and toned up in an easier and safer manner.

How Do Body Wraps Help Lose Weight?

These work by eliminating all stored up impurities and toxins from the body, which get accumulated over time as a result of stress, use of inferior cosmetic products, processed foods and pollution. The toxins built up within the body can be processed by the kidneys and the liver up to a specific level. When there is accumulation of a lot of toxins, they are stored in the in the interstitial fluid and then find way to the body’s fat cells. Body wraps activate the fat cells and make them release the stored-up toxins in such a manner that the body can naturally get rid of them.

While using these types of wraps, the wearer has to consume at least 8 – 10 cups of water daily for the next 3 – 4 days, so that the body can flush toxins out in an effective manner. When you let the body get rid of the toxins stored up within the fat cells, you can easily heal stretch marks, tighten the loosened up skin, lose weight and extra inches and get many other overall health benefits.

Weight loss body wraps make use of various processes in order to lose extra inches and metabolize the stored up fats within the body. The processes include the following:

Lymphatic drainage – It is the first process which is activated during some specific forms of massages. When this process occurs, the lymph or interstitial fluids in the fatty cells are allowed to freely move about and carry the toxins and fatty acids out of the system in the form of waste. There are toxic impurities contained within these fluids and when you lose the fluids from the system, you can instantly get rid of the extra inches that prevent you from wearing tight dresses.

Lipolysis – This is another effective process and is highly important from the point of view of weight reduction. You can find many body wraps over online stores, and these do not make use of the Lipolysis procedure. The process known as Lipolysis actually breaks down the stored up fat in fat cells. When this fat is broken down, it is able to activate stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation. Naturally, the fatty acids are transported out of the body in the form of waste.

Micro-circulation – It is the third process and actually involves the circulation of blood through the smallest of the capillaries within the body. In order to help in loss of weight, the active state of the procedure is important for body wraps to work. The fat cells of the body are attached to millions of capillaries and in order to eliminate toxins and impurities out of the fat cells in a proper manner, the capillaries have to be properly activated in order to ensure proper circulation of blood.

Do Body Wraps Actually Work?

Yes, body wraps actually work – whether you think of slimming or about other health benefits. These primarily work in making you lose the additional inches. The cells and tissues of the body are tightly wrapped up due to the fact that the interstitial fluids lead to a bloated body. The impurities are drawn from the body into clay, grounded coffee, tea and sea salt present within the wraps. When toxins and fluids are extracted, there is development of empty pouches within the cells. This helps the body to get more compact, toned and slimmed down.

Unlike the weight loss body wraps that were used a few decades ago, these types of wraps do not cause simple loss of water weight. The herbs, minerals and various other ingredients that are present within these wraps can easily help remove all traces of impurities from your system. The presence of these toxins and impurities actually make it harder for your body to reduce excess fat from your system. After the toxins are removed, you can lose weight in a more effectual way. Also, the compressing and wrapping can cause blood to reach all the minute blood capillaries which would have been otherwise impossible. Once the blood is able to flow to all the necessary areas, fat can be freed up more easily into blood and expelled from the system.



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