Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss – How to Use it safely For Losing Excess Fat?

455280541It seems like almost everyone who tries to look good never stops thinking about losing weight. Being thin has always been considered to be one of the crucial aspects of looking more attractive, considering that a good body shape is sensually more pleasing and looks better in whichever apparel that it is covered in. If you are serious about fat reduction, you need to find your target heart rate for weight loss and use it as a tool for fast and effective loss of those extra pounds from your body. Here is how to go about the process.

Determine your optimal heart rate

The optimal heart rate is necessary in order to assess the target heart rate range. There is a simple equation to determine the optimum heart rate, which is 220 – (minus) your present age. For instance, if you are 30 years of age you have to subtract that number from 220 and your maximum heart rate comes to 190.

Determine the target heart rate

Once you are able to find the maximum heart rate, you can easily determine your target heart rate range. For weight loss purposes, the target heart rate is generally in the range of 50 – 85% of the optimal heart rate. If you are 50 years of age, your target heart rate range will be in the range of 85 – 145 beats per minute.

Use the target heart rate as a guide

Now, you have to use this range for your daily exercises. In the initial period, you should stick to around the lower heart rate numbers during your workouts. You should sustain this cardiac rate for a long time period so that your muscles get habituated and their fat burning mode gets activated. With time, when there is a rise in the level of your physical fitness, you should try to reach the upper target heart rate range so that your body is able to burn a large amount of fat at the time of exercising. It can allow your body to get adjusted to the pain of exercises and also let your fat burning mechanism get activated gradually, rather than all of a sudden.

Seek medical consultation

If you are beginning with a fat burning workout regimen for the first time, you need to seek medical attention before you start. The target heart rate for weight loss is actually a basis for a person with good health and without any medical issues. Using it can be a great way for you to lose those extra inches although any indication of any negative impact of it on the body can be a warning signal for you. Naturally, it is best to proceed with caution – especially in the initial stages – and seek consultation from a qualified medical practitioner in this regard. Caution is more important if you are around 50 years of age. You should stay closer to the lower heart rate range for around 2 weeks at the start and then gradually build up to the higher range.



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