Relationship between Coffee and Weight Loss

525446163Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages and many individuals across the globe depend on it to kickstart their day. Coffee is tremendously popular, however one lesser known fact about it is its ability to aid weight loss. Yes, coffee and weight loss can go hand in hand, provided one keeps in mind certain things. So listed below are some tips for those who love this beverage and wish to keep their weight under control.
Moderation in consumption
Individuals who drink several cups of coffee each day should definitely reduce their intake. Since, drinking excessive coffee results in insomnia and increases levels of stress, both of which cause cravings and one starts to overeat. Those who consume more than two cups of this beverage should reduce their intake to make their weight loss plan successful or simply consume decaf in order to lose weight with ease.
Steer clear of specialty coffee
Steering clear of flavored, large and espresso based beverages is a must. While most individuals may feel that one cup of such drinks a day does no harm they fail to realize that such beverages comprise of artificially flavored sugar syrups, increased quantity of milk and numerous calories. These recipes can never aid weight loss let alone allow one to remain healthy.
Apart from giving up these special coffee drinks one also needs to keep the inclusion of cream and sugar in check, as they may have the opposite effect on those trying to lose weight. Giving up all the aforementioned ingredients and replacing them with simple brewed coffee, coffee with skimmed milk and sweeteners free from sugar aid weight loss and allow individuals to enjoy their favorite beverage.
Reduce cravings
A rather ingenious way of using coffee to aid weight loss is to drink a cup after dinner, as this helps reduce cravings. Coffee is famed because it is a marvelous appetite suppressant, which means that consuming coffee after dinner curbs cravings and lets individuals stay away from midnight snacks and deserts.
After drinking coffee one should ensure brushing one’s teeth as having fresh feeling mouth discourages one from eating or snacking after drinking.
Consuming coffee before working out
Consuming coffee an hour before working out provides great results in terms of weight loss, since it increases alertness and energy levels, both of which ensure one works out in a more rigorous and focused manner. Moreover, coffee dulls muscle and joint pain therefore increasing the effectiveness of a workout.
One should avoid consuming coffee just before working out because the acid produced along with the agitation of exercise have the ability to upset one’s stomach.

Coffee is a natural diuretic, which is why coffee and weight loss are linked together. Oftentimes individuals feel its effects, as they lose bodily fluids. While losing such fluids may make one believe that they have lost weigh that is not the case because losing fluids may lead to dehydration.
It is imperative to stay hydrated and keep one’s appetite and thirst satiated hence consuming a glass of water for every cup of coffee consumed is beneficial for weight loss.



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