A quick walk through the vegetarian weight loss meal plan

134573856In this modern era, many people ponder why vegetarians are never obese! This is a massive misconception; since, even vegetarians are likely to gain extra calories. According to myths, vegetarians gain less weight than the non-veggies. This is because they eat fewer calories than their omnivorous counterparts. If you wish to lose weight with a vegetarian diet, you must be exceptionally careful. Learn to put together a balanced vegetarian weight loss meal plan with the right amount of veggies, fruits and nuts!
It is quite interesting to note that vegetarians have many weight loss programs to follow. Most of these plans don’t comprise of prepackaged meals. However, they work on simple guidelines that can load your body with all essential nutrients. If you are new to dieting, approach a skilled nutritionist or dietician with several years of experience in vegetarian weight loss eating plans.
Stick onto the Basics
By default, the vegetarian meal plan is quite similar to the standard “My Pyramid Model”. The “Meat & Beans” section is replaced with “Protein Rich” choices. Major foods in this sector include vegetables, fruits and grains. To lead a healthy lifestyle, you must consume four to six servings of protein rich foods every day. A single serving can vary in quantity and content. For example, you can consume 1 ounce of grains and half-a-cup of veggies/fruits.
Don’t miss your Proteins
Ardent vegetarians wonder if they will receive enough proteins. Well, this is a valid question because meat/eggs are deemed as prime sources of proteins. According to the Vegetarian Resource Group, tofu, nuts, beans, seeds, tempeh and peas are reliable sources of protein for people with meatless diets.
A feasible Diet!
Before you kick start into a vegetarian weight loss meal plan, you should approach a dietician or doctor. Ask them if the dietary routine will suit your health condition. Here is a simple vegetarian weight loss diet plan for novice followers:
. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Opt for bran, oatmeal and whole grains. Research states that whole grains can keep you full for a very long time. Sugar cereals and fiber rich oatmeal has the ability to reduce cholesterol and cardiovascular issues.
. Secondly, consume a diet with adequate amounts of fat free spray or olive oil. Try to stay away from butter and vegetable oils that are rich in saturated fat (a prime reason behind weight gain).
. Try to add flavor to your meal without much fat. This might make the meal boring; however, it will keep it hale & hearty. Instead, use spices like chives, basil and tarragon for taste.
. Fill your tummy with foods that have high fiber content. Famous foods with plenty of fiber would be apples, carrots, bell peppers and watermelon. These fruits and veggies contain negligible amounts of calories. Nevertheless, they will make you feel full and strong!
On the whole, your vegetarian weight loss diet plan must confer your body with all essential nutrients within the right amounts!



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