Oolong Tea Weight Loss – What Is It and How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

554920519If you have tried many fad diets for losing excess body fat, and given up with no success, the oolong tea weight loss program can be worth your time. If you love to drink your cup of tea and also lose your weight in the process, this type of program can be excellent for you. It is a recent breakthrough in weight loss systems with little or no side effects, although it has been used for weight reduction and many other health benefits in China since the ancient times.

What is Oolong Tea?

It is one of 5 best known forms of tea, and is also referred to as Brown Tea, that is brewed from whole leaves of the plant known scientifically as Camellia sinensis. It has been defined as between green and black tea. Regular consumption of this type of tea has been found to benefit the health in many ways. You can find many individuals from Japan and China to be avid drinkers of this tea, and enjoying a good health with a very beautiful skin.

How Does It Help In Weight Loss?

The Oolong tea, similar to any other tea, is a rich source of polyphenols, particularly catechins – which can boost the metabolism and consequently burn calories and fat. This type of tea has one of the highest concentrations of polyphenols, which can activate the enzymes present in the body and break down all the carbohydrates and fat within the body. This is a primary reason why it is effective for weight reduction purposes.

This type of tea can also reduce the effect of the carbohydrates in making the body plump. Before having a meal rich in carbohydrates, you should drink the tea 15 minutes prior to having the foods. The tea can reduce the manufacturing of insulin in the body and prevent the deposition of more fats from calories which have not been burned.

Oolong tea is also a rich source of many antioxidants which can fight all the free radicals in the body. These antioxidants can strengthen the immune system and safeguard the body from various disorders and ailments. When you consume this type of tea on a regular basis, you can get rid of excess fats in a matter of few weeks.

Consumption of this type of tea can make you feel filled up and prevent you from having hunger sensations and the need to have carbohydrates. Having this tea twice a day can easily help you to reduce your hunger feelings and let you feel full. This automatically makes you eat less, and consume lower amount of calories each day, ultimately reducing your weight by burning up the existing fat stores in the body to produce energy required for carrying out daily activities.

The oolong tea weight loss program also works due to the way in which the leaves of this tea are treated. In order to make it more potent, one has to treat these tea leaves in a different manner as compared to other leaves. These leaves are oxidized under controlled environments and these are not crushed in the same manner as other tea leaves, which ensure that the structures of the cells are left intact.

The best advantage of this type of tea is the fact that it helps you reduce weight without suffering from any type of emotional problem, which is a common issue with people who diet or exercise vigorously. There is no emotional stress due to the reason that the consumption of this tea activates a specific enzyme that can stimulate the metabolism and also keep the energy levels high, letting you be happy and active. You do not have to suffer from depression, mood swings and other side effects that come with over-the-counter weight reduction pills.

How to Take this Type of Tea?

You should only consume 2 cups of tea each day, and this will be enough to make you lose the excess pounds from your body. Along with weight loss, you can also feel light enough and have your appearance get better. Your skin will glow, bones and teeth will be strengthened and the immune system will also become stronger. The weight reduction benefits of Oolong tea come without any of the side effects that come with the consumption of artificial fat loss pills containing synthetic materials. Oolong tea makes a rejuvenating drink, and its intake can burn more than 150% more fat as compared to black or green teas.

You can take it once every morning and once again in the evening, so that it can work as your only beverage of the day and there is no need to consume black tea or any other type of tea. Although this is a healthy beverage, there can be mild side effects in case of overconsumption. Naturally, it is always recommended that you never drink oolong tea more than two times per day.

Does this Tea Actually Help In Weight Loss?

According to studies, regular intake of Oolong tea can accelerate your metabolism and burn up about 70 or 80 calories every day or even higher. Although the figures might seem to be less, what is beneficial is the fact that it gives a kick to the metabolism. With a higher metabolic rate, you can start losing weight effectively. However, it is important to keep in mind that only the consumption of this tea should not be used as the only weight loss effort. Alongside, you should also take up a low-fat, nutritious diet and a powerful exercise plan in order to get the best benefits.

While this method has been scientifically proven to yield weight reduction results and also benefit the body in a number of other ways, it is never a good idea to depend only on one method and lead a sedentary lifestyle with unhealthy eating and drinking habits and poor activity level. The oolong tea weight loss program can only work when you make an all-round effort to reduce your body fat percentage.



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