An Introduction to Weight Loss Camp for Adults

539670403Weight loss camp for adults refer to camps which comprise primarily of a residential program in which obese or overweight individuals participate, in order to lose weight, receive motivation, to learn nutrition tips and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Such weight loss camps are also referred to weight loss holidays, weight loss retreats or simply weight loss resorts.
The various names of this type of camps suggest a place for rest, relaxation and enjoyment however, while participants enjoy they also exercise and learn how to remain healthy. The numerous names stem from the fact that the venue for such camps is always surrounded by greenery and is situated amongst the lush lap of Mother Nature. Additionally, attending a weight loss camp requires one to take a break from one’s routine life which is why they are known as holidays or retreats by some people. Apart from all the aforementioned names is such camps have also been termed as fat camps, in a depreciative manner.
The objective 
The aim of such programs is certainly to improve the overall health of campers or participants by means of helping them lose as much weight as possible within the predetermined duration. The program also comprises of weekly weigh-ins, nutrition classes and several intense physical activities aimed at weight loss. Those who attend such camps are able to improve their self image and self confidence as they take a new approach towards life, which prioritizes physical and mental health. In fact, once the camp ends individuals receive the power to make healthier choices.
Average weight loss   
On average individuals lose approximately 2-5 pounds per week in a weight loss camp meant for adults, however depending upon the weight of a participant the results may vary. For obese individuals the good news is that they lose much more weight through these programs as compared to slightly overweight individuals. It should be borne in mind that the effectiveness of such camps depends on three factors which include the camper’s willingness to work hard, the camper’s biochemistry and the overall quality of the weight loss camp.
New trends
Weight loss camps for adults in the past focused solely on weight loss, however changing trends and realizations pertaining to human behavior have given rise to an entirely new trend. Owing to this new trend weight loss camps aim to change behavior by employing a training which combines CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy and self-regulatory behaviors. This training combination ensures that campers stick to the healthy way of living they adopted during the camp. According to experts this approach is proves extremely healthy in the long run.
Additionally, in order to help campers maintain the weight lost, several camps are now offering personal training which gives participants the extra motivation and tips they require to lose and remain healthy. In fact, long term success can be ensured through this one on one motivational and educational technique. Before attending any of these weight loss camps one should create a support group to maintain weight after the camp ends.



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