An Introduction to Medically Supervised Weight Loss

562611933Medically supervised weight loss is the program that is conducted under the supervision of a physician. Along with the physician several other members like a psychologist and dietitian are present. An individual availing this service receives advice on nutrition, along with counseling on physical activity and behavioral therapy. The cost for these services might vary based on the services being offered. You might also get a chance at getting the bills for this service paid health insurance companies if you are suffering from any condition like diabetes or heart disease both of which are concerned with weight of the individual.
Initial consultation
This consultation can be performed only by a specialist whose forte is obesity treatment. This consultation involves a physical examination along with assessment to determine if any obesity related diseases are the causative factors for gain in weight. A patient also needs to provide details like previous records of diets, weight history along with any psychological history.
There are numerous cases of undetected high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, diabetes, sleep apnea and unusual liver tests. Physicians might require recommending additional tests on the basis of the medical history and any recent observations.
Medically supervised weight loss treatment might include:
. Pre-packaged meals to replace the meals one usually has.
. Behavioral modifications which might consist of exercise and diet plans.
. Pharmacotherapy, in which the doctors might prescribe weight loss medication.
Behavioral modification
Obese individuals are more often than not suffering from psychological issues regarding their appearance and weight. Diet is another factor that most of these individuals are unable to have control over. This is the reason why these two should be the starting point of treatment for any individual. Modifications in lifestyle along with changes in diet and exercise allow an individual to succeed in losing weight under professional guidance.
The techniques of dieting need to be changed as when an individual is dieting the body automatically increases craving for food and along with it slow down the rate of metabolism. The body does not want to accept the process of dieting which makes the process very difficult for an individual genuinely trying to lose weight through healthy techniques. If one is able to watch out and wishes to record the calorie intake of any food, he/she can easily calculate the number of calories using special apps available on mobiles.
Modified plan
The process is managed by professionals and needs to follow the orders and advice of these individuals to benefit from the process. The plan is created according to one’s current weight and the number by which this weight needs to be decreased. After a plan is created keeping in mind the gender and age of the patient the professionals can only advice the patient to follow the plan. It is entirely the choice of the patient whether or not he/she will strictly follow the routine and benefit from the experts services and guidance. The program offered by each professional service is almost the same other than the fact that they have some minor changes in their programs compared to others.



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