The Bond Between protein shake weight loss diets and Health!

557475155Losing weight is an interesting art that has more to do with the foods you choose; than the total number of calories you have consumed. A healthy diet with the right amounts of satiating foods will make you feel full and help you meet long term weight loss goals easily. For instance, you can pack your diet with hale & hearty proteins that can satisfy your body with all essential nutrients.  This can be attributed to the fame of protein shake weight loss diets.
The Real Science
The body requires three important macronutrients, namely carbohydrates, proteins and fat. In this list, protein plays a very important role for several reasons. According to experienced fitness enthusiasts, protein is a satiating macronutrient that will make you feel satisfied with very little quantity. It can increase the body temperature and speed up metabolism drastically. As a result, the body will burn more fat and lose calories. Moreover, protein triggers the production of lean muscle mass during resistance training programs. If you have more lean mass, the body’s metabolic rate will be remarkably high (metabolic rate represents the amount of calories you burn while being idle).
Obesity and Weight Loss
According to an article that was published in the “International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders”, protein shakes can be used to replace heavy meals. It is an effective and safe way of shedding a significant amount of weight. This is because protein shakes have fewer calories than conventional meals. For example, a Chinese meal with 800 calories can be replaced with a nutritional protein shake that is just 400 calories or lessor. Such a replacement will help you lose at least 1 pound in five days!
The Best Protein Shake
What would be the best protein shake for weight loss? Fitness enthusiasts believe that proteins from lean sources can trigger rapid weight loss. This includes foods like egg white, tofu, whey powder and pea protein. The Nutrition Journal declares these lean sources of protein as effective and reliable. This is because lean protein can suppress your appetite and reduce the amount of calories you intake every day.
Regardless of the diet or protein you consume, remember to make a nutritious shake! It should be a mix of healthy ingredients that are less than 200 calories. For example, you can decide on low-caloric foods like low-fat milk, skim milk, rice, soy or almond. Prepare the protein shake with frozen berries and fresh fruits that are low caloric. These components will add dietary fiber and sweetness to your shake, while keeping you full!

Protein shake weight loss diets will remain incomplete without “Whey”. This is a special product obtained from milk, while making cheese. Whey is enriched with many biological values that can be absorbed and used by the body effortlessly. Above all, whey protein shakes have the right amount of essential amino acids for muscle growth, a stronger immune system and rapid fat loss.



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