Best Tea for Weight Loss – 5 Types that You Can Choose From

471370300The society has always attached great importance to physical beauty, and being thin is considered to be one of the best ways to be popular with others and being regarded as beautiful. People are always looking for the best ways to reduce weight, and herbal teas have been viewed from ancient times as a powerful way to get rid of excess fat with little or no side effects. If you are looking for the best tea for weight loss, any of the following 5 types of tea can work wonders for your fat reduction goals.

Green tea

Green tea is rich in a type of substance that is referred to as Catechin, and it can raise the metabolic activity level and temperature of the body. This helps it to break down fat deposits in the body and utilize them to produce energy needed for carrying out daily activities. It also lowers blood sugar levels.

Oolong tea

Also referred to as Wulong, it has been used in China and Japan since ancient times. It is a rich source of Polyphenols, which can boost the metabolism and burn up fat faster and more easily. It can also obstruct the fattening properties of carbohydrates. This blocking of fat absorption of this tea helps the body a lot in losing weight.

Pu-erh tea

This herb is renowned for its ability to boost fat metabolism in the body and assist in losing weight. It can help boost weight loss naturally, although it has less amount of caffeine as compared to coffee. Other than having fat reduction properties, it is also famous for being able to balance the overall physical system and reduce the level of ‘bad’ cholesterols in the bloodstream.

Hoodia Gordonii tea

The herb is known for its ability to suppress the appetite in a natural way. The presence of P57, an active ingredient, is the actual reason why the herb can cause natural suppression of the appetite. It makes you feel filled up so that you do not feel like eating snacks between meals, which is a major cause of weight gain for many men and women. However, this tea should be consumed with caution given the fact that its long-term intake can result in malnutrition and addiction.

Guarana tea

The presence of the ingredient known as ‘guaranine’, similar to caffeine, makes this tea extremely useful for helping drinkers lose weight. It is able to act in the form of a stimulant and can speed up the various functions of the body, such as respiration, digestion and heart rate. This ultimately helps in causing loss of weight. As it is able to arouse the nervous system, it can assist you in combating depression and can help you in avoiding the problem of “emotional overeating” – one of the biggest reasons for weight gain.

Any of the above type of tea can be effective for you. You can try each type of tea for a few weeks and check which one is the best tea for weight loss objectives that you have.



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