How to Benefit From Calorie Counter for Weight Loss

129747653Most of the individuals do not count calories when they eat, this is often considered to be a good sign, since one does not limit himself/herself and eats freely. This is not a good sign since; obesity is a concern that is affecting the lives of numerous individuals. A very low percentage of individuals actually know the amount of calories that they actually consume along with having knowledge of the actual quantity required by their bodies. There are numerous plans of weight loss that concentrate on nutrients and do not comprise of counting calories even though it is an easy method.
There are numerous calorie counters available online and through these one can analyze the number or calories they are gaining and losing each day. You can create your own calorie counter for weight loss so that you are able to lose weight effectively.
Calories required by the body
The first step to becoming a calorie counter is to determine the number of calories required by the body in a single day. The number of calories required depends on several factors like height, weight, gender, age and the activity a body needs to perform. More than half of the calories consumed by you are used by your body to keep all systems functioning smoothly. The rest of the calories that an individual consumes are used by him/her to perform other daily activities like walking around and other activities.
In order to calculate the appropriate amount of calories consumed by the body one needs to calculate the BMR or base metabolic rate. Women should multiply their weight by 10 and men their weight by 11 to generate their BMR. The next step involves determining the lifestyle of the individual if the individual is very active, 50% of the BMR should be added to the original BMR if one is very active. If one is not so active 10% should be reduced gradually for each level. The final value originated is the number or calories required.
Calories consumed and burnt
Maintain a journal in order to calculate the number of calories one is burning each day through his/her physical activities.  By changing some parts of the diet along with changes in daily routine and fitness regimen one can see a considerable improvement in their body and health. Instead of making huge drastic changes to your diet and exercise routine make minor changes and reduce calorie consumption through these changes.
Consume natural products instead of packaged processed food. If you make sudden and drastic changes your body will not get used to it and you might give up on the diet sooner, which is why you should see that while, using a calorie counter for weight loss, the results should not be fluctuating rapidly. It should be a gradual change. Try eating little portions of foods that you crave a lot or foods that you know are not very healthy. This way you prevent harmful chemicals from entering your body and further degrading your health.



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